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Meet The Mediator

This is Mediation.

Family Law Mediators are neutral facilitators assisting couples resolving their conflict. Since 9 March 2020, Mediation before Litigation, MUST be attempted. (Rule 41 A of Court rules). Both parties must agree to mediation to settle their disputes. Mediators are not legal advisors or councilors. They guide disputants within the law to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

What is Mediation?

 Let us be of service!


Mediated divorce is quick, cost effective and can be concluded in one day. Parties co-operate and agree on every aspect of their divorce, including maintenance and parenting plan, if minor children are involved. The agreement is legally binding and can (should) be made an order of court.


We have the latest, most accurate Maintenance calculator available. Maintenance is a right every minor child has and a responsibility every parent has. All maintenance agreements are legally binding.

parenting plan

Parenting Plans for divorced couples with children or other family wanting relationships with the children. All parenting plans comply with the Children's Act with the "Best interest of Child" the priority.

Civil contract

Living Together in South African Law is NOT recognised as any form of marriage. A civil contract, together with a Testament, between partners will ensure a fair split of assets and liabilities in the case of death or a break up. Let me assist you with reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.



Let us assist you with other disputes, which may otherwise have ended up in court. Since 9 March 2020 ALL disputes have to attempt Mediation first. Save money on litigation - stay out of court. Let us help you resolve commercial, contractual, transacting and industrial disputes. These resolutions can (recommended) be madean order of court.

Let us assist you with community/social disputes which are caused mainly by interpersonal relationships. Disputes in social clubs. churches, schools, workplace, sectional title communities, neighbours etc.


"Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realise the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits." – Sarah Ban Breathnach.



Due to the confidentiality of Mediation, some names had been changed.

Mediation assisted myself and my ex to speedily come to a settlement, dividing our estate, solving maintenance for our children and drawing up a very workable Parenting Plan and visitation schedule. Sunè.

With the Mediator's expert help and skills it didn't take us long to settle our differences. C&D

The biggest benefit to us was the confidentiality of the outcome of our mediation. Our settlement is legally binding, but is not public record as it may have been, had we gone to court. Thanks Sid.

That was quick and cheap. No one in our complex knows the details. My neighbour and I now understand each other better Thanks. R.